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ATA Travel Services Policies

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Terms and Condition

Once you have chosen your travel arrangements please read the conditions of travel as your booking is subject to the terms listed below. A contract is entered into once we receive your deposit and we accept and confirm the booking. Please note that travel arrangements are NOT confirmed until stated so in writing by ATA Travel Sevices.

Before You Go

Passports/Visas – For international travel, U.S. citizens need a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond completion of the cruise or tour as well. Non-U.S. citizens should contact their booking agent or appropriate consulate for information on all necessary documents required.

Port Security Measures/Customs – The Port and Customs Authority requires all passengers to provide their name exactly as it appears on the passport, passport number, their date of birth and gender, as well as Citizenship.

Membeship and Health – Membership will be granted to all persons. Please consult your physician for pre-departure health advice. ATA Travel Services reserves the right to terminate the tour of any persons who are abusive of others or whose behaviour disrupts the tour. Easy Tours are suitable for persons that require assistance or use a wheelchair. If you require a slower pace, extra assistance, or the use of a cane/walking stick, the Easy tours will be perfect for you. Moderate and Intensive programs are not recommended for guests with special needs. These are active programs and require you to make a realistic assessment of your health. All participants are expected to be in active good health and to be ready to experience cultural differences with grace. Walking and climbing the stairs are required in many museums and cathedrals/churches. If you require a slower pace, extra assistance, or the use of a cane/walking stick/wheelchair, ATA Travel Services private programs are here to help you.

Travelers Needing Special Assistance – It is recommended that guests needing such assistance be accompanied by an able companion who will assist them during the tour. We regret that some itineraries cannot accommodate wheelchairs or motorized scooters; ask at booking. Wheelchairs are available for rental on daily basis, at 50 USD per day. If required we can provide services of a strong male assistant to help pushing the chair/getting the person in and out of the vehicle (if no special vehicle is ordered). Price depends on duration and intensity level. Please contact us for details.

There are 2 types of the trips to the ATA Travel Services –  scheduled tours and tours on request. You need to apply for the both minimum 2 weeks in advance (this time is necessary to receive all necessary formal permissions and passes), and make a prepayment. The modes of payment of the two tour types are different.

  For scheduled tours: after submitting the application for the tour you must make an advance payment, equal to 25%. On boarding the bus you must have the exact amount of the rest of your payment.
Attention!  All unpaid requests for the scheduled trip will be cancelled 4 days after receipt.

  For tours on request: after submitting the application for the tour and settling all details of your trip with the ATA Travel Services Reservation, you should pay 50% of the trip price to start receiving all necessary formal permissions and passes. The second part of the tour cost should be paid on boarding the bus.
Private tour price covers 3 tour calculations. In cases when some extra calculations need to be done ( the size of the group changes, citizenship of a participant or any other input data), extra fee is applied.

For the both types of the tours: in case of changing the cost of the trip, for those tourists who have already booked and prepaid the participation in this tour, the remaining amount in dollars remains the same and does not change.

An appropriate deposit for each program chosen will be your only obligation until you arrive to Jogjakarta-Indonesia. The balance of the cost must be paid upon arrival or may be pre-paid in advance.

The deposit goes towards your total tour amount.

The deposit amount is partially refundable if some special admissions have been already reserved for you and is non-refundable if the amount of prepaid reservation carried out by ATA Travel Services exceeds the amount of the deposit.

Never send a deposit without first contacting one of ATA Travel Services about your tour.

Pre-Payment Instructions for Additional Orders

An Additional Order covers all extra tickets not included into a standard package tour, i.e. theater and folk-show tickets, train and plane tickets, any other bookings/reservations that you need us to perform on your behalf.

A 100% pre-payment for all additional orders is required at the moment of booking by check/ Credit Card/ PayPal/ Bank Money transfer. If a 100% pre-payment is not received within 7 working days after the booking request the reservation is canceled automatically.

 ATA Travel Services reserves the right to cancel all reserved bookings in case a pre-payment is made untimely, incompletely or incorrectly.


     Pre-Payment and Payment Instructions for private tours

 ATA Travel Services requires a deposit to make a tour reservation.

Balance for the tour is payable either by Credit Card at the end of your tour (beginning or end of the first day for tour)  or by check prior to arrival.

If your tour is based on hourly rate, we will provide you with a detailed receipt for all the services rendered.

If you discover that you are not able to participate in an already prepaid tour – don’t worry: We have made the options to refund your money. The rules are as follows:

For scheduled tours:
1) – if you cancel your participation in the tour more than 15 days before the tour date, we refund you all the amount paid;
2) – if you cancel your participation in the tour less than 15 days before the tour date, we do not refund your 25% prepayment.

For tours on request:
1) – if your whole group cancel your participation in the tour more than 15 days before the tour date, we take 10% of the tour price, and refund you the rest;
2) – if your whole group cancel your participation in the tour less than 15 days before the tour date, we take 25% of the tour price, and refund (in case you have prepaid the tour cost in full) you the rest;
3) – if part of your group cancel their participation in the tour less than 15 days before the tour date, the total group price of your private tour will not be recalculated.

In case a client does not arrive by an appointed time to the place where services start to be granted:
— an order for transfer will be held for 2 hours starting from an appointed time, then it will be cancelled automatically
— an order for  a personal tour guide and other additional services (interpreters, private driver, etc.) will be cancelled after 1 hour.

— an order for Visa-free shore tour will be cancelled after 2 hours.

A customer may cancel the tour at any planning stage. Should you wish to cancel your travel arrangements, you must notify ATA Travel Services in writing. Please state the reason for cancellation as you might be covered by your insurance policy. If there have been no services performed and no additional orders purchased for you, you will get your 100% refund for the canceled tour by check from ATA Travel Sevices or by funds transfer to your PayPal account maximum within 2 weeks after the written cancellation. Unfortunately, we do NO refunds for Additional Orders once the order has been purchased for you.